We generally have an idea of ourselves that has been built up over the years, based on how we’re treated and the consequences of our choices. We learn as a child, for example, that we are in the way, clumsy, stubborn, or ‘an angel’. We may gain a reputation for being naughty or bossy or pretty and have this reputation reinforce itself in our behaviour. We may be used to getting what we want, or always being ignored, and come to believe that this is who we are and what we deserve.

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘but I could never talk in public (etc), that’s just not who I am’? I would argue that this is a very good attitude to have when you’re talking about your morals and principles (‘I could never steal money from my company, because I don’t think that’s right’). But it is just a limiting belief when you apply it to actions – at least actions that are physically possible. If another human being can do it, you are at least not in complete la la land to believe that you might stand a chance of also doing it (with the right training…).

You decide who you will show up as today. How you think about who you are makes more difference than you may think it should. Circumstances, how other people treat you – these you can’t control and they will affect your life. But bigger than this, what you believe about yourself will define how you react to all these things. You can have everything you want, and if you decide it is not enough, you will be right. Or you can have very little, and if you decide it is enough, you will be right.

Who would you like to be?