When we are gone, and everything we have done and said is over, what will we be remembered for? I can tell you now that whatever it is, it will be too late to change it. It can only be changed while we’re here. And it will be people’s perceptions of who we were and the choices we made, and – we hope – some important lessons we passed on to others.

We won’t be remembered for intentions we didn’t follow through on, or good ideas that we didn’t do anything about. We won’t be remembered for the nice things we were going to do for someone, or the things we wish we’d said. We actually have to take action, because people have to have experienced something from us. Because there’s this disconnect that happens between what we want to do and what we actually do, and this is thrown into sharper focus when you remember the part about not being around to do anything about it later.

It means that if we intend to leave something particular behind, we need to deliberately do what needs to be done to make it happen. We have to remember that we don’t have all the time in the world, and decide now what we want to be remembered for, and then start doing those things.

For me, this blog, and the book that I’m writing on the same topic, are part of what I want to leave behind. I’m under no illusions that there will be very many people who remember me, but I want my kids to know good things about themselves and that I wanted to help people.

It can be pretty emotional thinking about what you want to be remembered for, but it’s worth working through, and it can help you see ways you can make better day to day choices so that what you’re remembered for is closer to who you want to be.