I personally don’t believe that you have to be the next big thing in order to be happy. You see it far too often on competitive TV shows, where a singer gets to within the final 8 people in the competition and is eliminated – ‘What am I going to do now? My dream is shattered.’ As if there is only one singer in the world and nobody can be happy unless they are it. Actually, there are plenty of artists and musicians and writers and athletes who love their art and are good at it without achieving international fame.

. Here’s what I really want to say. Who are these people who are the next big thing? Are they different from you somehow?

I’d like you to point me towards someone who is the next big thing but who is also a superhuman.

Someone who’s on top of their game but who is also from another planet, so they’re naturally better at everything.

An internationally renowned artist who didn’t start as a baby and has lived for a thousand years, never growing older, so has had an unfairly long time to get good at things.

If you can do that, put this book down, go interview them and make your millions that way. Otherwise, read on.

Everyone you have ever admired is a human being just like you. I’m not denying that some people have had a more obvious road to their destiny than others – for example when you have a famous athlete for a father, you have more chance of success than most, with resources and training that other kids might not get. But for every story like that, there are more stories of unlikely beginnings, difficult times, and constant hard work from people just like you.

That’s not to say that anyone can do anything starting now – physical size and plenty of other factors stop me ever being a wrestler, for example – but do not limit yourself any more than you need to. Instead, find out what the people at the top of their industry did to get there, take off your brakes, and see what you can do.

There are countless stories of ordinary people doing amazing things. And let me tell you this secret again, just to make sure. Every person that ever lived was just a person. An ordinary person. Don’t believe the lie that tells you that other people are astounding and you are a nobody. You have just as much potential as anyone else. Don’t let someone else’s head start stop you from competing at all.

One of the reasons society progresses is because every now and then someone asks whether something really is impossible, and then goes and does it. Once they do that, it allows everyone else to realise they can also try. So when you see someone who is busy bring the next big thing, instead of getting discouraged that they have something you don’t, be encouraged that they have proved that something is possible. Maybe you won’t get as far as they do. But you’ll probably get further than you would have before.