This life thing can be hard at times. But you can do this! There are people who have gone before who have got through. What did they have that you don’t? For some of them, the answer is nothing. I know for a fact that people who could be seen as weaker or more limited have done stronger things than I think I could do, because they had to or because they decided they could.

If ‘deciding they could’ is all it takes, couldn’t you do that? Or if you really had to find the strength inside yourself, could you? This goes back to our beliefs about ourselves. When you believe you have no other choice, you find strength that you didn’t have before.

You will find that you are as strong as you need to be. For any more, that’s when you will need to lean on someone. Remember that having help is not the same as being weak. It’s almost weaker to try to hold it all together alone and fail than it is to get help and get things sorted. You don’t need to do this by yourself. But don’t believe for a moment that you’re too weak.

Sometimes of course you just don’t have any more in you. You can’t make more willpower from thin air. So ‘deciding you can’ is not always as easy as it sounds, or we’d just do it. It sometimes takes some specific difficulty or emergency to make you do something you wouldn’t be able to just decode to do. But when that time comes, you’ll surprise yourself.

Until then, we need to build our muscles up. When you feel like giving up, can you take just one more step after that? If each time you reached the end of yourself you could take one or two or three more steps, in time you’ll start to get a little stronger.

You are not too weak. You might just be too weak right now to take it all yourself. But with a little help and some practice, you’ll get through it.