I’m hoping to convince you that what you believe about yourself changes how you live and what you’re capable of. We’ll get there in time. But in the back of your mind, I want you to know this too: You are not too late. You can be a better version of yourself, one step at a time. And you can start now.

It’s true that you can never change what you have done. But as long as you’re alive, you can choose to lift your eyes away from what has already happened and who you think you are right now, and move onwards. Don’t let regret for ‘what could have been’ stop you from pushing forwards into your potential. If you do, you’ll only be adding to your list of regrets. Instead, I want you to really get excited about the idea that as long as you are alive, you can make different choices than you used to.

Granted, some situations you may find yourself in may seem pretty unchangeable. But I’ve known people at the very end of themselves, living on the street, on drugs, where anyone could say that it was too late for them. But it wasn’t. They’re off the drugs, holding down jobs, volunteering and finding ways to help people who are where they were, because they know the horrible things that are going on in people’s lives. It wasn’t too late for them.

What’s your situation? I’m not asking you to be able to see a way out. I do want you to be open to the idea that there may be a way you can’t see. And when you’re open to something like that, it’s more likely to happen because you won’t be shutting it out when it comes your way. Allow yourself to be surprised by something good that might happen, rather than deciding up front that there really is no hope. I’d rather have hope and be proved wrong than have no hope and be proved right – especially if my hopelessness ended up making things worse, as it so often does.

All this isn’t necessarily easy – but you can’t say it’s too late for you. You’re not too late. You’re just in time.