Have you ever had the kind of day where you think there’s no point in you being here and everyone would be better off if you weren’t there? I think everyone gets them sometime. Usually it’s based on some failure you are experiencing, some way that you let someone down. Sometimes it’s because you don’t believe that you have any value.

Sometimes it’s more serious than that and you need to talk to a professional. There’s no shame in that. We all need people to help us through parts of life, whether that’s a friend or someone who has particular skills that you pay for. Do not be ashamed of this. Think of all the great people who have struggled with deep depression. People like Robin Williams, for example. Millions of people would say that he touched their lives and made the world a better place. They would say that his life was a long way from being pointless. But there were dark times for him where he could not see that.

Just because you’re not famous or haven’t done anything world changing doesn’t mean there aren’t people whose lives you touch, or who would be devastated if they knew you thought you were pointless. One of the reasons I’m writing this in the first place is because I feel like I see this on people’s faces all the time, people giving the impression that they’re beaten down or unsure whether they have any value to the world.

Well, you do. You have a point. You are here to be you. And one other thing. If you think that basically people don’t like you and tell you that you’re pointless, like a lot of bullies do, then the fact is we need more people like you to bring the average back up. What’s the alternative? More bullies? We all just roll over and do what they say? We let them decide who has a point and who doesn’t? That doesn’t make sense. We know these people are horrible but we define ourselves by their rules. It has to stop.

You have every right to be alive and to be yourself. If you go around hurting people, then sure, you need to find some more constructive ways of expressing yourself, but otherwise your point is to be yourself and help others be themselves too. Don’t let some loudmouth take that away from you.