Some days, you might feel like nothing’s going right and that you may as well not exist. Sometimes this will really get on top of you to the point where you think you’re a complete waste of space and everyone would be better off if you weren’t in their way. But wait. You are a person. In fact, as Dr. Seuss said, a person’s a person – no matter how small. Even if you feel like you’re a ‘small’ person, you have just as much right to be you as anyone else.

There is a big difference between making mistakes and being a waste of space that can’t do anything right. You might need someone to help you get some perspective so you can see real things you want to work on and get better at, rather than letting them all get you down. Big thoughts like ‘waste of space’ are not easy to fight back against. They’re too vague. You need to know exactly what you think you do that makes you feel this way. Often it will come from outside – from someone who is so scared that they might not have value as a person that they need to beat down other vulnerable people. They might not seem scared, but a secure person doesn’t need to push and shove people out of the way, emotionally speaking, in order to feel good about themselves. The words you’ve been called tell you more about them than they tell you about you. And anyone who thinks you’re a waste of space has no idea what it’s like to be you. Who’s to day they would do a better job than you are?

You’re really not a waste of space. That space is occupied by a human being who is trying to do their best and who sometimes can’t do it all alone. That’s OK – that’s all anyone else is anyway.