Let me set this one thing straight. Even if your parents didn’t plan you, that doesn’t mean you have less right to be here. Even if they didn’t actually want you to exist – that’s too bad, you do, and in exactly the same way as anyone else. Whether by normal means(!), trying for a baby or hoping there wouldn’t be one, or deliberate medical assistance, or even if they tried to abort you – the moment you became a living person, all that stuff is out the window and we are all equal.

Once you’re alive, what your parents did or didn’t want doesn’t matter. For one, things change – planned babies can become unwanted or unloved (through no fault of their own), and happy accidents can be the best thing that ever happened. But even if you were not welcome, and I know that has got to hurt, that does not mean that it is a mistake that you are alive.

I mean, with so many million sperm flying around, we’re all kind of a random occurrence anyway. One millisecond in a different direction and you would have been an entirely different person. It’s not like I was specifically planned, me, just as I am, even if my parents did want to see if they might have a baby – they didn’t get a lot of choice on what they got.

Here’s another way of looking at it. I’m sure you can think of some discoveries that happened by mistake. Penicillin. Post-it notes. America. Even the idea of cooking with microwaves happened by accident. So hey, even if you ‘shouldn’t’ be here, you might be a blessing to humanity that we weren’t expecting. You do have a choice about whether you want to be that, after all.

You are not a mistake. OK, you’re not perfect, and you definitely make mistakes, but you aren’t a mistake yourself. You are a miraculous living being, and you have as much right to life as the next person – wherever you came from.