Whoever you are, you are actually from a long tradition of noble people. Human beings who pressed on through hardship and impossible odds, pulling victory from the jaws of defeat, standing up again and again as they are beaten down. Ordinary people who changed the lives of millions, or maybe just a few, for the better. You are their child. You have the same spirit that gave them the strength to do these things, and you can hold your head up and stand with them. Many of these people are unknown, never recorded in big enough history books to get any recognition. Sometimes the struggles they overcame would sound boring if you had to summarise them in one or two lines, like caring for a dying parent. But these struggles were real and long and took a lot of character.

And if you feel that your line is not noble at all, but made up of people who made horrible choices and hurt everyone they loved, and hurt you – you are not them. Your choices can be noble. It is inside you, waiting for you to accept it. And you almost certainly have some good in your history as well, hard as it may be to see.

Are you worthy to stand with a noble line like yours? Sure. Remember, today and every day is the start of a new reinvented you. So if you’ve not been worthy so far, you are now. Or you soon will be. Being worthy comes from the choices you make now, not something you already are before you do anything.

Your people have history. Enjoy the culture and people that you come from. Own it. Don’t take it as far as to put down others, but be proud of who you are. You can’t change it anyway.