It’s easy to feel like we aren’t important when we look around us at all the other people who seem to be jostling and pushing themselves forwards for attention. But that’s missing the point. Just because someone else is important doesn’t mean that you aren’t. And I say you are. So that must make it true, because it’s on the Internet.

Remember that importance is often defined by the people who already have the power to decide who’s important and who’s not. Power systems are always set up to favour the ones with the power. What the world says about your importance is based on whether or not you fit into the already-established power systems, and how influential you are in them. But that’s not how everyone defines importance.

Many people, including myself, have a wider view of importance that keeps everyone equal. Everyone is important, just as everyone has value. Losing a person is always a tragedy, no matter who they are. Even if they were horrible, and hurt people, we may be relieved that they can’t hurt anyone else but we also recognise that the tragedy started long ago, in whatever events led them to their later actions – and we wish we could take time back and find some way of helping that person before they needed to destroy something to prove their importance.

So yes, whatever someone else may say, you are important. You matter. Your opinions matter. What you feel matters. What happens to you matters. You are alive right now, feeling what you are feeling, being who you are being. And we all have our own ways of working out where we fit in the world.