Every one of us is always contributing to the direction our world is going. We decide between us whether we are going to be people who try to do good and care for people, or live for ourselves. We decide what we value and what we work towards. Of course, one small voice among billions doesn’t sound like it can make any difference. If the world is sailing over a cliff and one person doesn’t want it to, it’s hard to see what they can really do about it.

At the same time, you’re most likely not the only one who feels that way about things. It’s as though in some really simplified way, the world’s direction is the average of all the people on it, and the more people that speak up on an issue, the more that issue gains momentum in the world. The same goes for any behaviour, just about. If enough people are doing it, it becomes normal, at least in certain circles. The more good people stay silent, the more the prevailing opinion will look bad. But your voice, added to all the others, can start to bring things back into balance.

As you’ve learned more about yourself and what you’re capable of, and why you’re here, you can bring some hope to people you most care about, whether that’s through some kind of charitable work, being kind to people in your community, or inspiring your friends to see themselves differently. You can help to make the world a better place. That’s what you are here to do. You just have to figure out how.