It’s never done us any good to separate the world into us and them. Where do you stop? Who’s in? Your race?  Your country? But you know you can’t trust everyone there, so what about just your city? Maybe just the people in your city that are the same social class as you. But wait, half of them are idiots too. So maybe just the ones you know. Oh, and your family. But not all your family. Just the ones that don’t embarrass you. Who’s left? And do they really understand you? Sometimes it’s them against you.

So now who’s left? Just you. Us and them ultimately ends up at me vs. the world. This is a battle we can’t win. But there are alternatives to fighting.

I really believe that the truths about you on this site are true (or at least potentially true) for everyone. If that’s the case, then on a basic level, we are all in the same boat. This means that everyone you meet is on the same journey of needing to know they are beautiful, loved, capable and good. And the other stuff in here can be applied to others too.

Part of understanding how you are loved is learning to see how you can find value in others. And if you can find yourself beginning to care about just one person you never expected to, then you all but have proof that you too can be deserving of love. You’re one of the family, and families are there to help each other.

Of course, like any family, our global family is frustrating and diverse and difficult and has fights and disagreements, unfairness and power struggles. We each choose daily to get along, even if it means not quite getting what we want, or we choose to dig our heels in and fight. There’s time for both – injustice needs to be resisted – but on the whole we could do with learning to understand others more before we start to fight back.

We’re all on this planet together, trying to get on with our lives. That’s a hard enough job without going out of our way to make things difficult for other people just because they’re different. I mean, who isn’t? You certainly are, and you’re in.