If you’ve read this far, you’re probably alive. Isn’t that amazing? You woke up this morning (or afternoon, maybe?) and you are conscious, you feel, you think. Every twinge of pain, hunger, or discomfort you feel is a sign to you that you are still alive, and you have another chance to see what you can do with your life.

Whatever you’ve done wrong, you’re here and you have learned enough to keep going. And you get the chance to have another shot at things today. Make sure that you aren’t just surviving, passing the time until you have watched enough television and complained about gadgets not working until you pass out dead.

People who realise they are alive, usually through finding out that they might not be, or in some cases by actually being dead for a few minutes, tend to have a more deliberate approach to life. They have seen firsthand the fragility and fleetingness of life, and are determined that they will not leave the rest of their lives to chance. Your life is packed with potential, and it has a chance to be whatever you decide it is – at least, if you take charge and make some decisions you will get a lot further than if you just see where you get.

Of course, some people like this approach, but that’s still a deliberate choice. I’m talking about just not choosing any path at all and then being angry that life didn’t hand you what you wanted. It’s just not going to. You have to lean the way you want to go and maybe you’ll get there. But whatever you do, don’t assume that doing what you’ve always done will suddenly give you different results.
Go out there and live your life!