The world is changing. Sometimes it’s frightening, and other times it’s exciting. But it’s never staying still. This is true at every level of life, from the way that your cells are distantly doing and making way for new ones, all the way up to how seven billion people can live on one planet and how our various cultures and personalities interact. How no matter where you are, even in a large city, there is always a plant somewhere growing through a crack or on the top of a building, as if they know that once we’re gone they’ll get their land back.

And it’s not just life that’s constantly in motion. From galaxies down to subatomic particles, nothing stays still. If it did, it would collapse. Life is all about change.

But for most of us, we have a limit on how much change we can take at once. We can feel like we just want everything to stay the same. This is normal – we’ve got used to it, we know how it works. It’s hard to change everything all the time. This is why it’s good to have some stability for kids when they’re growing up. Too much change at once is stressful and can lead us to believe that we can’t cope with any change at all.

But you know that’s not true. Nobody is exactly as they were when they were born. You are constantly growing and learning, and changing what you think. You have done this before. You are actually very adaptable, and you can cope with more than you might think. Everyone finds this hard at some point, so if you’re overwhelmed with the amount of change that you’re going through then that doesn’t mean that you’re weak and need everything to stay the same. In fact, in times of too much change we tend to cling to whatever we can that’s stable. This is normal.

Life is always going to change, whether we like it or not. But that’s not always something to worry about. It can be exciting as well. And just as there will always be changes, there will also be times where there’s less change. If you’re in the middle of something big right now, it won’t last forever, and you can get through it.