I’m sure you’ve heard that life is a journey. You don’t start off done, far from it, and you are never actually finished. You’re never too old to learn. And it’s never too late to change.

We have got to let go of this idea that we are so far behind and everyone else has already arrived and is just living their life. They’re all doing the same as you. Some hide it better than others. Also, remember that you only know your own thoughts. You don’t know what the other person is thinking – are you sure they know what they’re doing, or is that what you assume because you only see the outside of them? You’re way more likely to notice your own nervousness in a situation than anyone else’s, unless they are really obviously nervous. You’ll assume that you’re the only one.

So actually, if we can get our heads around the idea that nobody has arrived, and everyone is on this journey of life and learning how to do it better as they go, maybe we can stop feeling like it’s such a bad thing to make a mistake, and just enjoy the journey itself.

The journey is your life. The new things you see and learn along the way, people you meet and realise they’re just like you even when they’re nothing like you, experiences that change how you think about life – you’re always changing. That scares sponge people. They’re almost determined bit to change. But the world is changing and the sum total of your life experience is also always increasing, leaning you towards new opportunities and ideas that could never have been part of you ten years previously.

You are a work in progress, fine as you are but hopefully improving with age. If you keep switched on to the idea of learning, you’ll enjoy the journey as well as the product. After all, even if you were ever able to achieve perfect doneness in your life, where you had nothing left to learn or change, you would only be able to enjoy it for a few seconds before you either made another mistake – or died. So don’t wish for perfection. Just contentment combined with continual steps of improvement.