It’s great that we’re all different and all want different things. It makes for a very interesting world. It also makes for a world in which you can’t always get what you want. And where people feel like if they want something, they have to fight for it. A culture like this means that the good things only come to the people who have the loudest voices or the biggest sticks. It does not help look after the people with no voice. These people get pushed out to the edge of society, and nobody pays attention to what they want.

They, just like you, are real people with real needs. Just because someone is louder, more educated, in charge, or more sure of themselves doesn’t mean that they are right and you are wrong, or that both of you might not have valid opinions. They are not you, and they can’t always speak for you. If you aren’t speaking up, nobody will know your side of the situation and you’ll have a very slim chance of having your needs met.

Don’t leave the important decisions about your life to someone else. Get involved, whether that’s politics, social justice, or even just how you are treated at home. You have a voice. Nobody is too small or insignificant to have something to say. You’re not some extra who has to remain on the outside of things and take the scraps while getting a raw deal. You may not be able to change the system or get all that you need, but you might be better off than you would be if you were silent.

Chances are, what you have to say isn’t just about taking care of you, but also others who are in the same circumstances. I bet you know people who are being ignored and overlooked. Maybe while you’re standing up for what you want, you could also get some attention for what they need as well. Nobody deserves to be ignored.