Hey, welcome to my new blog, where the subject is: you. It’s called All The Things You Are, and it’s going to be a look at how what you believe about yourself determines how you make your choices, and by extension what those choices will be – and pretty much how your life will go.

Changing your beliefs about yourself might not be able to completely decide the outcome of everything you come up against. But it will absolutely decide how those things affect you, what you learn from them, and whether you are beaten down or strengthened by events that come along. It’s why some people who have nothing still find profound joy, and many people with everything discover that their lives lack the meaning they hope for.

It seems to me that there is a journey to be travelled, starting with understanding ourselves and unpicking some of the bad pictures we have of ourselves. From there, we can start to see what others see in us and how we relate to people, then we can start to understand what we are capable of achieving, and finally how we can contribute to the greater good and find meaning.

Insecurity at the first stage (understanding ourselves) really gets in the way, and I know you’ve seen this in your own life. You can be as confident as you want in your abilities but this can easily get undermined by some fundamental belief that you hold about who you are. I want to give you a positive set of other things that you are, so you can hold onto those ideas instead of the negative ones you have built up over the years.

In the interest of, well, interest, the blog will probably not be nice and linear and follow the journey properly. I just don’t have all the content mapped out right now, but I hope to over time (and then I can organise it better once there’s something to organise). For now it’s going to be a series of blog posts as I think of them. I hope that’s OK with you, and please feel free to chip in and tell me what we should look into next. I absolutely welcome your input – there’s (almost) no point in me writing for just myself.

And if you like what you read, please pass this on. My life has already been influenced for the better by changing some of the way I talk to myself, and I want to make sure that other people can see what I’ve seen in their own lives. It’s early days for me but that’s another reason for this blog – to keep me focused on growing in a positive image.

Thanks for reading the first post. I hope to see you again soon.