The next section is all about what you can do after you have understood yourself and become comfortable with your place in the world. It’s exciting to think about all the things that a person could do when they are secure in themselves. If I was even halfway to being happy in myself I could see myself doing almost anything.

So even with just a little bit of work on our self-esteem we often find that we gain confidence in our abilities as well – as if we were scared to do something not because we might fail, but because we might fail and people would see us.

This third stage, then, is all about exploring your skills and abilities, some of which may not even be apparent yet depending on how much your self-image has been holding you back from trying. It’s about realising that there are things you can do, and finding the confidence to try. It’s about seeing the limits you and others have put on you, and seeing what it might take to remove them.

Not long to go before we can actually start getting into some specifics! Just one more category to talk about: You Are Good. Here, we take your newfound superpowers and unleash them on the world to contribute to humanity in the way only you truly can. Onwards!