Here’s how life works. A series of external events happen, and they come in to your consciousness through your senses. You react to the input from your senses with some involuntary feelings. Then, all this passes through your more conscious brain where you decide how you really feel about all this and what you’re going to do about it.

To some degree you have no control at all over the first few parts. You can influence (but not control) some of the external events. You can’t really change your initial reaction or feelings, although with practice you can tweak them a bit.

But then we get to the conscious part, where you process things in your brain, through various filters, to determine what you will do next and how you will feel about it from now on. It depends how strong the inputs are, how strong your previous habits are, and other factors, all hard wired into your brain by your history and experience growing up.

What if you could rewire your brain? So with the same input, the result could be different, more in line with what you would really like to choose?

Small disclaimer: I’m talking about gradual step changes here, not a fundamental mood shift. The rewiring takes a long time, and can’t solve major issues like depression or anything like that.

That’s kind of what this site is about. It may take some time, but with some new habits and some positive ideas about yourself, you will actually find yourself making different, hopefully healthier, choices in your life – instead of having those choices basically made for you by your past.

You only get one life, and it’s too important to trust it to a series of reactive, default decisions you didn’t even really mean to make. I want you to be able to live your life the way you choose to, so you can bring your unique skills and gifts and contribute to the world the way you were made to.

And it starts with understanding all the things you are.