Hi! I’m writing a book. I’m looking for a few people who will be able to help me with the process of getting the book just right – I’m basically looking for some people to review and comment on the entire text, which I’ll want to pay a little bit for (but probably can’t pay as much as a job like this usually would, based on the time it takes).

Otherwise I have a series of questions that you can answer and that will just help me make sure I’ve not missed anything obvious when I’m choosing what to include and what angle to take when writing.

As for when, well, I’m hoping to do a couple of reviews, one while I write the first draft, and that can be done in sections. And another when I’ve written the second draft, which will need to be done all at once. Any of this could happen over the next year or so, it’s already taking more time than I thought and I need to finish draft 1/the blog posts and then go through and address people’s comments…

Finally, once the book is ready, I would love to have a little help in publicising the book a little, which may include reading the book and reviewing it, letting your friends know, or helping to find places to promote it. I’ve not yet worked out how this will work, but I plan to make sure that anyone who helps me get any additional exposure at least gets a free book for themselves.

If you’re interested in any of this, just fill out the form so you end up in the right group. I’ll get in touch with further instructions. Hope this isn’t too impersonal, I’m finding I’m getting very confused about who I’ve sent what and want to keep track of it better. Thanks!

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