Some credit for this site is due to some people who have been inspiring me with their own lives and the ideas I’ve been exploring on their blogs and podcasts. You might want to check them out.

Rob Bell at for overwhelming depth of spirituality, life wisdom and positivity over the past 10 years or more, and recently saying things like ‘that thing you’re thinking of doing, just try it and see.’ So here I am. More recently I’ve heard a few podcasts that talk about how the things you believe about yourself affect what you do… so I must be on the right lines.

Leo Babauta ( for minimalism and habits, getting me in the right mindset to be thinking about how habits become your life, and stuff. I love his simple, gentle approach that reminds me to slow down and remember what is good. I think I’ve probably learned some stuff about writing from here too. I hope so!

Hal Elrod ( – ploughing through his podcasts gave me a lot of key ideas about how self-belief has a knock-on effect on your actual experience of your life. He’s also the first place I properly met things like affirmation, visualisation, and starting your day the way you mean to go on. He also says everyone should write a book. So… I’m starting with the next best thing. Actually, I’m kind of hoping this will become my book. What do you think? Want to help?

Most of the ideas in this blog will have been inspired by others, of course, and I’ll try to call them out when I can.