Category: Stage 2: Loved

Stage 2 - You Are Loved is all about understanding that you have a valid place as a human being, you have value and importance just as much as anyone else, and even more than that - there are already other people out there who can see the value that you may not. You belong - you are not alone - you have people on your side, seen or unseen. People's perception of us can really erode our self-confidence, to the point that everything we may believe about ourselves in stage 1 can just disappear in a cloud of self-doubt. Don't let it.

You Are Allowed

Why is it that some people seem to do exciting and interesting things, while we are stuck behind...

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You Are Important

It’s easy to feel like we aren’t important when we look around us at all the other people who seem...

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You Are Loved

I believe that every one of us is loved, or at least deserves to be. It’s so often not someone’s...

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Stage 2: You Are Loved

Now that you’re nicely secure in your own built-in amazingness, after understanding that You Are Beautiful, what happens when we bring other people into it? I’d say that most of our insecurities come from how we...

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