Category: Stage 3: Capable

Stage 3 - You Are Capable is all about exploring your skills and abilities, some of which may not even be apparent yet depending on how much your self-image has been holding you back from trying. It's about realising that there are things you can do, and finding the confidence to try. It's about seeing the limits you and others have put on you, and seeing what it might take to remove them.

You Are Experienced

How old are you? Take a minute and reflect on some of the things you have done in your life. Some good, some bad. Things you’ve learned how to do, and some other stuff you’ve learned never to do again. Decisions that...

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You Are Brave

Everyone thinks that to be brave, you have to have no fear. But that’s not really true. If...

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You Are Creative

Watch any child and you’ll see a creative person. You only have to watch them teaching themselves...

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You Are Capable

Do you sometimes think you can’t do anything right? Are there things that you suck at that you...

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Stage 3: You Are Capable

The next section is all about what you can do after you have understood yourself and become comfortable with your place in the world. It’s exciting to think about all the things that a person could do when they are secure...

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