Category: Stage 1: Beautiful

Stage 1 - You Are Beautiful is all about is realising that you are amazing even before you've done a single thing. Even before you bring anyone else into it and start worrying about whether people will like you or if you're any good at anything... you are alive. You are alive and valuable and complicated and stunning and you have a whole lot going for you. During this stage, the main goal is to get really secure in yourself, so that when we start to think about how other people see you, you already know that no matter what, you're pretty great.

You Are Curious

Curiosity killed the cat, so they say. But I’ll tell you what will kill you even faster, and...

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You Are Noble

Whoever you are, you are actually from a long tradition of noble people. Human beings who pressed...

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You Are Playful

Apparently a child laughs on average 300 times a day, compared with an adult’s 5. As we’ve...

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You Are Unique

You are the only one of you. Nobody knows what it’s like to be you. Nobody else can feel...

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You Are Free

You are free. If you are reading this blog, you have a degree of freedom that means that you can...

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You Are Amazing

Have you ever thought about your body? That should be a pretty silly question. In a lot of ways,...

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You Are Normal

Believe it or not, you are actually pretty normal. Actually, normal is such a strange word, and I...

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