This is the only part of the site that’s not about you. My name’s Dev Lunsford, and I’m a dad and a husband, an IT guy, a bass player, a reader, an occasional blogger, and a big kid. I live in Manchester (UK) but I’m from all over the place.

I’ve recently found that being positive (at least some of the time) works better than I thought it should (it’s still taking me a while to get used to). Rather than being beaten down by life, I’m enjoying taking the rough with the smooth and realising when is the time to think about the problems and when is right to get over it and move on.

And I believe that everyone has to know good some things about themselves, and keep building up their positive view of themselves, so they can realise their potential. And I mean ‘realise’ in both senses – to suddenly understand it, and then to get in there and live up to it – in good times and bad.

I often feel like I want to sit someone down and tell them all the amazing things I’ve noticed about them. I have hours of material for each of them, but I still haven’t worked out how to do this without either getting flustered and incoherent, or at least the whole thing being awkward and weird for people. So maybe I can do it another way.

So this page is about me – but this site is about you. I hope I can help you see just how much great stuff is in you – all the things you are.