The last stage of this crazy personal empowerment journey is possibly the most controversial, or at least the most interestingly named. Like me, you’re probably thinking, “You Are Good? How do you know that? I don’t act good. In fact, if this is meant to be a site about everyone, I know other people aren’t good. They’re idiots!”

Well, OK. Let’s not worry about anyone else right now. First, this is really just about you, not everyone else. And for me, this stage as a whole is less about you being actually good, and more about your potential to make a contribution to society. (We’ll take a look at being good in another post, once I work out how to pitch it. Although I do think that I can make a case for everyone having good in them. You know, like Darth Vader.)

So anyway – after spending time on yourself and your confidence in your abilities, you tend to start to look around for somewhere constructive to use them. Many people want to pass on the useful things they’ve learned along the way – in fact, that’s why I’m here. Others have always had a burning desire to help people, and know exactly how to make that happen. Still others obviously want to build a life for themselves and their families.

But some only realise they even have a story after they’ve been on some kind of journey of self-discovery. Maybe they have worked through some of their deepest issues, or maybe they’ve just had some things happen in their life that have tested them. Either way, now they have insights and experience they didn’t have before, and can see a whole group of people that they could help.

At this stage in the journey, we’ve already spent a long time looking inwards, but with the ultimate goal of unleashing dormant superpowers on an unsuspecting world – for good. You can do a lot for yourself and your own life and plans, but all that good stuff rattling around inside you can achieve so much more if you start looking for ways to deliver value outside yourself. Every person that you help has a knock-on effect on other people. A little bit of kindness goes a long way. You know, stuff like that. Most people I know that spend time helping others find that their own needs are often met because they’ve built up so much goodwill with people they know.

Long story short, I believe everyone has something that can help another person. Life is hard enough, so we might as well help each other along the way. What do you have to offer? I’m sure the world will welcome your efforts. Have a look at the posts in this category (at the side of this page) for ways that you’re good, and then – well – I think I need to write about some next steps!