Babies are beautiful. They haven’t yet done anything of their own free will to make us think that. They just are. I know a lot of babies look like Phil Collins but even so, they’re still beautiful. They’re beautiful to look at, and more than that – beautifully made.

Babies, and people in general actually, are pretty amazing creatures. All the stuff that’s going on inside you to make you work – your brain, your circulation, nerves, hormones, all of it – is pretty stunning engineering.

I find it easiest to see the beauty in newborn babies because you know that they have absolutely no motives or schemes, and you can just see how amazing they are. We forget that as people grow up, mostly because of all the ways interacting with others makes us feel insecure. (Welcome to the reason for this blog, in a nutshell.) But babies? A lot easier to see just the pure potential and beauty in a little parcel like that.

This site is not going to be all about babies, by the way. But they do make it so easy to illustrate human existence without all the extra complicated factors that we bring into things more and more as we grow up.

What Stage 1 – You Are Beautiful is all about is realising that you are amazing even before you’ve done a single thing. Even before you bring anyone else into it and start worrying about whether people will like you or if you’re any good at anything… you are alive. You are alive and valuable and complicated and stunning and you have a whole lot going for you. During this stage, the main goal is to get really secure in yourself, so that when we start to think about how other people see you, you already know that no matter what, you’re pretty great.

Spend some time getting to know you, because you’ll have to be friends with yourself for a long time. You might as well start by understanding your inherent value, your built-in potential and your inherent beauty. The links at the bottom of this page are all about that. There will be more as I write them!

Once you’ve finished these, move on to the second stage – You Are Loved – in which we discover that if you have inherent value, others can see it too.